Thursday, July 7, 2016

#ADLRInsider with Taxi Driver Jason Solis

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

ACTOR NAME: Jason Philip Solís

CHARACTER: Taxi Driver

Born & Raised: Irving, TX

Education: Bachelor’s of Music Education, Southern Methodist University

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Audition Song: My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada from Avenue Q.

Something you’re REALLY bad at: Responding to texts. I answer them in my head but never really get to type them out.

● Did you have any particular mentors or inspirations when first starting out? I was a real home body during school so my mentors and inspirations come from my family. My Mom is so strong and full of wisdom and my Dad is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met.

Must See TV Show: Right now I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars… but that’s just a summer fancy. Must see TV shows: Friends, The Office, 30 Rock, RuPaul’s Drag Race, anything by Shonda Rhymes, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Why you work in theatre: I do it for the rush! It’s exhilarating to be on stage and act, sing, dance your heart out.

First Theatre Role: I think I was an elephant in a play in the second grade: Typecasting. First role in highschool: I was Ensemble in Les Miserables. I was the old man that got pinned by the cart with an 8 measure solo... as a freshman. Not too shabby!

Favorite Musical: All time favorite: Little Shop of Horrors.

Previous stage work in DFW: Grand Prairie Arts Council, Mainstage Irving-Las Colinas, Family Music Theater, Runway Theatre, and Oh Look! in Grapevine.

Most challenging role you’ve played: My role in Artes de la Rosa's Man of La Mancha was tough. Having to be totally immersed inside of a crazy person night after night wore me out.

Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure: Pokemon & Netflix. yeah.

● Pre Show Rituals: Get there early. Chug a Red Bull. Warm-up. Mic Check. Laugh.

Special Skills: I’m like a sight-reading beast and I have a smile that lights up the room.

Any Theatre Superstitions: I don’t clean my makeup brushes during a show... Is that a thing?

Worst Costume Ever: I was a sailor in HMS Pinnafore and I ripped my pants every other night… so that was cool.

Favorite Post Show Meal: Something greasy. But, I for sure have to get a large

● Favorite ice cream : Cookies and Cream, FTW!

● Biggest On Stage Mishap: I’m clumsy and I fall all the time. There was this one time I invited all of my friends to watch me in Wizard of Oz; I was the lion. I fell so hard that I took down half of the set. Ugh. I’ll never live that one down.

● Worst job you ever had: Waiting tables. That is, for sure, not my ministry.

● Last Good Movie You Saw: I watch a lot of Netflix (I use it like white noise in the background) and I especially love to watch scary movies. Hush was a pretty unnerving movie: super suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. Two thumbs up.

● Dream Role: Elphaba... jk. but seriously, Audrey II (The Plant in Little Shop of Horrors) is a dream role. Look, you get to  act and sing AND sit your butt down in the pit all while being on book. Mama, sign me up!

● Something you are incredibly proud of: My students. I love teaching those little boogers.

● Words of advice for aspiring performers: I have to constantly say this to myself, “don’t be scared to audition, ‘no’ is the worst that could happen”.

● Career you would want if not a performer: Well, I teach Middle School Choir and I love it! I’m glad that I can do things that I am passionate about all while getting paid.

● Three things you can't live without: Internet, Computer, Dr. Pepper.

● Best thing about Fort Worth or the North Side: Los Paisano’s Taqueria next door to the Rose Marine. I’m like a freakin’ advertisement for those guys. I think I single handedly kept them in business during Man of La Mancha.

● Why people will love Women on the Verge: The music and the book. It’s such a funny show and the music fits in so well. I love that it’s not a show with random filler songs; Each song is so purposeful and moves the story along. Plus, this cast, y’all!

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