Thursday, July 7, 2016

#ADLRInsider with Haven Isom

ADLR Insider
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

ACTOR NAME​: Haven Isom

Character Name​: Ensemble

● Born & Raised​: Born in­ OKC, Raised in­ Carrollton, TX

● Education​: Junior in High School/Homeschooled

● Zodiac Sign​: Virgo

● Audition Song​: Fly into the Future from Vanities

● First Play/Musical You Ever Saw:​ Beauty and the Beast

● Something you’re REALLY bad at​: Math :(

● Why you work in theatre​: I couldn’t imagine doing anything else

● First Theatre Role​: Baby Angel in “The Mighty Messengers” at church at age 3

● Favorite Play​: Midsummer’s Night Dream

● Most challenging role you’ve played: Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible

● Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure​: Social Media and Green Day

Haven with fellow cast member
Jason Solis in Wizard of Oz at
Grand Prairie Arts Council
● Favorite sport/team/player​: If I answered this, I would be lying...

● First Stage Kiss: ​As Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible ­ thus why it was my hardest role.

● Pre Show Rituals​: My mom kisses my nose, says, “I love good!”

● Special Skills​: I can beatbox and form my tongue into a seashell

● MAC or PC​: computers are computers

● "I'll never understand why...”:​ you need to know advanced algebra

● Any Theatre Superstitions:​ MCBTH!

● Worst Costume Ever: ​a gray and yellow polyester suit

● Favorite Post Show Meal​: FRENCH FRIES!!!

● Favorite liquid refreshment​: sweet tea or sprite

● Favorite ice cream​: Pistachio or apple pie gelato

● Biggest On Stage Mishap:​ a wall fell on me

● Last Good Movie You Saw:​ The Fundamentals of Caring
Haven in "Evita" at GLCT
● Dream Role​: This week it is Roxy in Chicago. This changes often but really any classic vintage dits is a dream role.

● Words of advice for aspiring performers​: audition as many times as possible and work with as many directors your can to gain their wisdom.

● Career you would want if not a performer​: Makeup Artist

● Three things you can't live without​: My Chihuahua, Stella, my mom and my phone

● Best thing about Fort Worth or the North Side​: The Rose Marine Theater of course!!

● Why people will love Women on the Verge:​It is the perfect combination of relatable and unrelatable.

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