Thursday, July 7, 2016

#ADLRINSIDER with Rachael Blizzard

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

ACTOR NAME: Rachael Blizzard

Character Name: Paulina

 Born & Raised: Austin, TX

 Education: BA Theatre, M.Ed in Education

Zodiac Sign: Pieces

 First Play/Musical You Ever Saw: 42 nd Street

 Something you’re REALLY bad at: Fashion

 Must See TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

 Why you work in theatre: Because I enjoy learning to better my craft

 First Theatre Role: Gay Wellington in You Can’t Take it With You

 Previous stage work in DFW: Lyric Stage, GPAC, Theatre Arlington

 Most challenging role you’ve played: Fiona in Shrek being a lead in a show making sure to not let anyone down including myself

 Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure: Law and Order and Grey’s Anatomy

 Pre Show Rituals: Vocally warming up and spending like 2 hours on my makeup

 Special Skills: Breathing? No, seriously being a character actor

 MAC or PC: PC but I love Apple phones and the Apple TV

 Worst Costume Ever: The queen in My Fair Lady. It was a purple curtain.

 Favorite Post Show Meal: Anything!

 Favorite liquid refreshment (adult or other): Strawberry Margarita or water with lemon

 Favorite ice cream : Blue Bell homemade vanilla

 Biggest On Stage Mishap: I ate fruit snacks and drank vitamin water at the same time which caused me to burp while on stage as Fiona in Shrek. Luckily I was silent with it so only the Donkey knew, lol

 Worst job you ever had: Server at Chili’s

 Last Good Movie You Saw: Life of a King

 Dream Role: Being a tree on Broadway

 Something you are incredibly proud of: Of how far I have come despite all the challenges in my life

 Words of advice for aspiring performers: Dream it, do it, be it!

 Career you would want if not a performer: Race car driver

 Three things you can't live without: Food, my 2 cats and 3 dogs, and Law and Order Special Victims Unit
There are many elements of this musical that an audience can relate to. For me there are three themes that strike me the most: Love, loss, and empowerment. At nearly 30 years old I have seen and lived through all three. This show that makes an audience member recall all the good and some of bad from any relationship but at the end you are happy to have learned more about who you are and how much strength you have.

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