Thursday, July 7, 2016

#ADLRInsider with Suzann Shultz

ADLR Insider
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

ACTOR NAME: Suzann Shultz

Character Name: Rosalia & Photographer’s Assistant (Ensemble)

 Born & Raised: Born in Franklin, Tennessee. Raised in Temple, Texas.

 Education: University of North Texas

 Degree: BA in Dance, Minor in General Business

 Zodiac Sign: Gemini

 Audition Song: A Summer in Ohio” from The Last Five Years

 First Play/Musical You Ever Saw: Beauty and The Beast at the Austin Bass
Performance Hall.

 Something you’re REALLY bad at: I can’t ride a bike!

 Did you have any particular mentors or inspirations when first starting out? For dance, I really admire Martha Graham, Doug Varone, and Misty Copeland. For theatre, Anna Kendrick, Sutton Foster, John Tartaglia, and Neil Patrick Harris.

 Must See TV Show: Gossip Girl

 Why you work in theatre: For the people that I work with and for those who
watch the shows.

 First Theatre Role: Ensemble/Madam Butterfly in Tarzan.

 Favorite Play: Book of Mormon

 Most challenging role you’ve played: Dean in A Very Potter Sequel, it was
challenging to find a humorous but respectful way to play an incredibly butch

 Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure: Entertainment Tonight

 Favorite sport/team/player: Dallas Stars

 Pre Show Rituals: Texting my family that I’m about to go on. It helps me get out the nerves knowing that my family is cheering me on, even if they’re not at the show.

 Special Skills: Make-up, Voice Impersonations, and Making Babies Laugh.

 MAC or PC: PC

 Any Theatre Superstitions: Never ever whistle backstage!

 Worst Costume Ever: 15lbs of fringe sewn onto the thickest fabric to make us look like gorillas.

 Favorite Post Show Meal: It’s a tie between chicken and waffles, and Italian food.

 Favorite liquid refreshment (adult or other): Coconut Water

 Favorite ice cream: Rocky Road

 Biggest On Stage Mishap: I was supposed to wave a net around to act frantic and confused, and the net flew off and hit a woman in the front row.

 Worst job you ever had: Retail worker at Charming Charlie.

 Last Good Movie You Saw: Finding Dory!

 Dream Role: Fiona in Shrek the Musical.

 Something you are incredibly proud of: My performance ability.

 Words of advice for aspiring performers: Breathe! Don’t stress out, just enjoy the ride.

 Career you would want if not a performer: Cinematic Make-Up Artist

 Three things you can't live without: My cat Shiva, my family, and performing.

 Why people will love Women on the Verge: Because everyone will find something to relate to, and because the entire cast is a powerhouse of talent and

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