Thursday, May 3, 2012

MYSTERIES OF MARIA; Inside Artes de la Rosa's Maria De Buenos Aires - BLOG 10 - My So Called Blog

Today we spend a few minutes with Stage Manager April Wilson who is both "Goddess" and "Slave". Enjoy this hysterically funny read! (Yes, our girl is this sarcastic in real life!)

So I walked into rehearsal today not expecting to write a blog, but because of a pissy director and people forgetting to do their job (not mentioning any names…) I got stuck picking up the slack (again!), so here goes… I am the stage manager (not that I don’t have the qualifications to be an actress…ahem…), which means I’m here before
everyone else, leave last, and get none of the credit. I do pretty much anything no one else wants to do and get paid in “you’re my favorite”s…but I’m not bitter or anything.:) I love working with
Director, Adam Adolfo. We have known each other for years now and I’d rather be his slave than anyone else’s. We have a brilliant production
staff. We have Elise Lavallee as our choreographer and she can tell a story through dancing better than anyone else that I know. 

All the songs in “Maria…” are in Spanish, so a “weta” like me would not understand a thing if it weren’t for her and the talented dancers in our show. Our Technical Director, Oliver Luke, is a genius. He can build anything you ask for and is actually quite the actor himself. Oliver is by far my favorite nerd.  Justin Kailer, our costumer, is very creative and despite unfortunate circumstances has never failed to pull through for us. Lighting designer, Michael Cole, has been the most professional lighting designer I have ever worked with and is very dedicated to his work.  Last but not least is Josh Bradford, our music director. He has been amazing in searching DFW for the best musicians possible. Our cast is extremely talented and except for the occasional water bottle that I have to pick up for them (hint hint) they are a joy to work with.  With a group this terrific, I have no doubt that anyone who comes and sees the show is going to be completely blown away.